Who I serve:

Anyone who desires to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their well being. (Minor health concerns and conditions are welcomed, as good nutrition and fitness can be a cure for many ailments, however, nutrition consulting should not be used in lieu of medical care when warranted.)

How I serve:

I serve with a weight neutral approach in my practice, following principles from Health at Every Size (HAES).

Sessions and classes held virtually, in the comfort of your own home, or at a mutually agreed upon location. Best results and sustainable lifestyle changes come with multiple sessions, with clear goals in mind. Number of sessions are based on your particular needs and goals.

Dietetic Services: Includes coaching and or education for a specific condition or goal; including but not limited to:

  • disease prevention and treatment
  • athletic training and competition
  • autoimmune conditions
  • gastrointestinal concerns

Nutrition Services: Individual and group sessions addressing general nutrition topics such as nutrition education, healthy eating on a budget, or other that you may be interested in addressing.

Fitness Services: Individual fitness plans and personal training. Location of training varies based on personal need.

Also available for independent contracting for organizations and companies.


Individuals and pairs: $75 for initial session*, $50 for each follow-up. Time spent on developing specific meal or fitness plans is $30 per hour. Email and text follow ups and check-ins at no charge.

Larger parties vary depending on content and length.

*one session is approximately 1 hour

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