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  1. Hi Juli

    Hope you are doing well. I know you have talked w/ your Mom about me calling or e-mailing you a few weeks ago, but I am now just getting around to it.
    We have a “wellness program” that we offer through some of our clincs, and have always thought that a nutritional component would be a good adjunct to what we do. Which we do is primarily an exercise based program where people receive an assessment and exercise program recommendation based upon their goals. The other option for the wellness program has been for people to enter by way of it being an extension to their physical therapy program.
    We have also had interest in an adolescent obesity prevention program through our pediatric clinic.
    The person who has lead up most of the wellness push lately is Lisa Gilbertson who is the director in our Keizer clinic. She is in a clinic that has a high geriatric clientel.
    We currently have 9 clinic and are adding 2 more to our service group, and are in the Silverton and Woodburn communities.

    I would look at this as a largely exploratory contact just to get an idea of your interest or ideas. I know you are over in Bend so this may not be a great idea for you but you never know.

    Anyway I hope you are doing well in your post school endeavors.
    It has been really nice getting to know your grandma too. And your Mom is great as always.

    Take care, Scot Campbell. scampbell@ptnorthwest.com

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