Pre & Postnatal Fitness Coaching

Personalized fitness to meet the changes and demands of pregnancy and postpartum. 

I will meet you where you are in your pregnancy and postpartum journey and guide you safely, but with just the right amount of challenge, to meet your fitness goals. I recognize the desire to be and stay strong for yourself, while also balancing the demands of our bodies and life- like growing and caring for a baby and family! It can be a lot! 

The good news is moving your body is never a bad idea. It can bring physical and mental release that we crave.

In my programming, pelvic floor health and assessment/healing from diastasis recti are a top priority. I also put an emphasis on strength work as this mode of exercise has especially high benefits during pregnancy and postpartum. Overall, I tailor exercise plans to support the activities my clients most enjoy.

What to Expect

Sessions include 50 minutes of exercise and mobility OR you can split time between exercise/mobility and nutrition/wellness discussion.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist I am happy to bring this discipline into my work as a fitness coach. As desired, sessions may include discussion and consultation on all things wellness, including feeding and nutrition for yourself and baby.

I see clients at the Sweat Revival Fitness Studio in Bend, OR. When you book you will be re-directed to their website.

Upon booking your first appointment you will receive a questionnaire regarding your current stage and state of pregnancy or postpartum recovery. Ideally you will obtain exercise clearance from your health care provider prior to your first visit and filling out the questionnaire.

Your first appointment will include a physical assessment and goal setting. We will go over your questionnaire and any questions or concerns you may have.

From there we can set up a plan and get rocking!

P.S. Feel free to bring your baby(s) with you to our sessions.

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