About Trout

Trout are a species of freshwater fish; the most popular game fish in Oregon. I grew up viewing trout as a fun fish to catch and release, but we never kept them for eating.

This past spring and summer, however, this has changed.

Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was because we were running out of wild game, but now, we have a freezer full of whole trout and I have enjoyed finding new ways to fix them.

I find fish fascinating. The more I learn about them the more I realize I have taken for granted their existence and habitat.

Plus, being a dietitian, I like the fact that I can eat them and they tote a big nutritional punch. Like salmon, they have protein, omega-3 anti-inflammatory oils, and B vitamins (among other healthful nutrients).

Our Freezer…

Here are a few fun facts about trout:

  • Baby trout are called fry (well, all baby fish are called frys).
  • Trout colors change to be more brilliant before spawning (reproducing).
  • Trout have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find their way back to the rivers/streams/spots they were born in order to spawn.
  • Most trout live for an average of seven years, but some species will live ten or more, such as the Brown trout (which is not native to North America) and Steelhead.
  • Steelhead are a trout species. Most people think they are a salmon due to their larger size, pink or “salmon” colored flesh and because they spend time in the ocean a well as fresh water. They are in fact rainbow trout that spend 2-3 years of their life at sea (but they return to the river to spawn).
  • Brook trout, Lake trout and Bull trout are not actual trout, but a species of Char (like peanuts aren’t really nuts!)

To learn more check out these sites: Trout Unlimited, Stream Explorers.

If you are interested in where and how to fish trout in Oregon, visit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) trout page. The MyODFW site also outlines species of trout and other fun info!

Sourdough Stuffed with Trout

My latest trout meal was a sourdough loaf stuffed with trout. I was looking for a way to branch out in both my trout cooking and sourdough baking skills so it was a good fit!

It took me several google searches to uncover a recipe that I could start with to make the dish I had in mind. It was not an easy recipe to find!

Apparently stuffing a loaf of sourdough with fresh trout is not really a thing.

The recipe I found is for salmon, but it did the trick. It seems appropriate that is came from a site called The Art of Improvisation. Here is the website/recipe link if you want to check it out: Sourdough Salmon Loaf.

I used the dough recipe as written, but made several changes otherwise based on ingredients I had on hand. So…

  • Instead of salmon, I used trout- obviously (one whole trout, filleted with skin off and bones removed).
  • Instead of spinach I used kale and fennel.
  • Instead of Mascarpone I used Cotija cheese.
  • Instead of masala I used cumin and turmeric.

IT WAS DELICIOUS! I was pleasantly surprised.

If you have never cooked trout, and especially if you have never baked with sourdough, I do not recommend starting out with something this… layered, haha. But I DO recommend trying some trout!

A simple bake or smoke is all you need. As well as a little patience with the little bones.

Trout are highly nutritious to eat and have the added benefit being a great hobby!

1 thought on “About Trout

  1. Great article and I love those pictures! I wish I would have tasted the sourdough trout!😊

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