COVID Cooking

I would like to believe that a silver lining of having to stay home is that we are given the opportunity to do more, or improved, meal planning and cooking. AM I RIGHT…?!

Even if you groan at this, it is true; being home more and going to the store less demands mindfulness to maintain (healthful) food habits.


As we find ourselves at home without any social excuse to be hitting up happy hour or meeting for lunch, the need to prepare your own food is high… and it happens about every 4 hours. Phew!

I have a few ideas to share to decrease anxiety around how to eat well in these abnormal times and help boost your confidence in cooking.


Meal Planning

We all know this one, right? Advanced planning of meals and/or snacks so we can purchase, prep and have food on hand when we are hungry for it.

Basically you: Write down what your household wants to eat for each meal and snacks in advance of the week, or weeks; purchase only the items you need for those meals; prepare/cook/eat those meals as planned.

Easier said than done, but by far the best way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to feeding yourself while home ALL THE TIME. For advanced meal planning, check out this post.



Plan the use of leftovers into your meal planning. Either the same dish as a second or third meal or use your leftovers to make a new meal.

Example 1:

Meal one= fajitas: meat, beans, sautéed veggies on corn tortillas.

Meal two= frittata: beaten eggs with leftover meat, beans and veggies, baked.

Example 2:

Meal one= baked salmon, wild rice and salad.

Meal two= salmon fried rice (pictured below).

Meal three (bake extra salmon during meal one on purpose)= salmon salad, as dip or on sandwich.

Don’t be afraid to have leftovers outside of traditional meal times. I will eat a small bowl of leftover stew as a snack, or have leftover dinner rice with milk and cinnamon heated up for breakfast.



Have Fun

Since many of us have time on our hands, why not expand our culinary comfort level?

I challenge you to try one new-to-you recipe each week! Skies the limit (assuming you can find what you need at the grocery store).

Or, be creative with what you have on hand; go through the cupboards, fridge and freezer for those hidden items you forgot you had and whip up something tasty and unique!


Let us spin this pandemic into a healthy adventure in our kitchens 🙂

1 thought on “COVID Cooking

  1. Great post jules!! And beautiful pictures!!😀

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