A Look Back…

Blogging once a month is enjoyable for me. It keeps me thinking about dimensions of wellness that I care about, that I want to dig into more, or that I want to share.

As I reflect on my use of this technology over the last five years I am both surprised and pleased at the variety of topics I have been able to express.

I would like to outline my last year’s worth of posts and THANK YOU for following and reading along. These are definitely a display of my philosophy of what it means to be well- to live life with health and happiness!

Click each month’s Title to read the full blog…


January 2018


  • Put on some music
  • Pet a cat
  • Go for a brisk walk
  • Daydream
  • Take a break in nature

And this list goes on! Everyone experiences stress differently, physically and mentally. What do you do regularly to make sure it doesn’t get you down?

suttle lake

February 2018

Love Thrives.

Love is engagement in positive, meaningful relationships within your social environments. Not only does love set you up for better health, it sparks motivation and action.

freinds unit

March 2018

Meal Planing 101

Why Meal Plan?

  • Better variety
  • Better health
  • Better budgeting
  • Less guess
  • Less stress
  • Less mess

This blog is the blueprint to how to get started with a meal plan that will work for you.


April 2018


Face, Arm, Speech, Time. Information from Stroke Awareness Oregon. 

Signs of a stroke everyone should know to look for to ensure quick help and best recovery.


May 2018

Organic Food

Should I eat organic food? What does that really mean? What’s the big deal anyway?


June 2018

Disordered Eating

This term refers to food habits and eating patterns that are abnormal- that go against biological drives to feed ourselves. Anytime we restrict or over-indulge our intake we are at risk of disordered eating. When these behaviors start impacting our health or consuming our daily lives there is true concern.


July 2018

Veggie Rx

Veggie Rx is a program of the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance designed to meet our community’s food needs by connecting clinicians, at risk members of the community, and farmers. It aims to improve the health of Central Oregonians by increasing the access to and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.


August 2018

Eat to Perform

Recovering properly is the name of the game when it comes to maximizing physical outcomes. When your goals involve training for best fitness or a specific performance, how you feed your body is key. If you do not supply the right nutrients at the right times to your body it can not efficiently replace energy stores or repair muscle. Fatigue and compromised fitness can result. 

What, when and how much you eat all come together to properly fuel your body.


September 2018

Quick Food Preserving

I don’t have crazy amounts of time to preserve food, so I have found easy ways to ensure that I do not waste my fresh food bounty come Fall. Freeze and dry! So simple.


October 2018

Eat Real Food

What would you say if someone asked you what food is? How about “real” food? This is a complex question with no real answer (pun intended). So, I thought, why not share my humble opinion on the topic with my wonderful online audience? I will be curious to hear if you agree…


November 2018

Sweet Potato Galette: A Cooking Journey

I wanted to makes something new for Thanksgiving this year. I love tradition, don’t get me wrong, but I also love an excuse to explore in the kitchen. I decided on sweet potatoes as my food of choice since I have not done much more than bake them or “candied” them for the holidays. I picked a galette because I have never made one and have been wanting to. A win-win!


December 2018

and here we are! I already have something in the works for January that I will be excited to share in just a short while.

Have a lovely end to your year and blessing into 2019.


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