payette lakeModified from SAIF Corporation,

Unplug from electronics

Tell a joke

Sing a song

Give yourself a massage

Walk barefoot in the grass

Take a deep breath


Put on some music

Pet a cat

Go for a brisk walk


Take a break in nature


Cut back on caffeine

Hug someone



Go to bed early

Use incense

red rock canyon

Ask for help

Use positive self-talk

Find shapes in the clouds

Play with a dog

Write down your fears


Angry? Talk about it

Go to work a different way

Set goals

Learn to say no

Plant a flower

Get up fifteen minutes earlier


eagle caps

Plan a walking meetings

Lift weights

Do something spontaneous

Tell someone you love them


Go fishing

mt washington


Take the stairs

Sit and watch the sunrise or sunset

Write a poem

Laugh out loud

Close your eyes and listen

Challenge yourself to do something new

broken top

Watch a bird

Eat vegetables for breakfast

Read a book

Forgive someone


Make a list of things you are grateful for

suttle lake

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