Not just for sport, goals are a good way to motivate and track progress in life.

Sports hold a great analogy on how this works.

You are a soccer player in the final game of the season. You have the ball and are dribbling downfield. What thoughts are in your mind? ‘Opponent to the right, stay angled left. Only 50 yards for a clear shot. Faster! Square up, aim, shoot!’ The adrenaline is accompanied by skill, fitness level and a determination to succeed. You score!

To get to that glorious point, several things had to happen first, and it may have taken years to get there. Training for cardiovascular fitness, for the ability to manipulate the soccer ball, and to precisely land the ball where you want it to go. There was also desire to play the game, as well as a coach, teammates, and fans, who all supported your practices; your hard work, failures and progress.

Life is the same way.


To achieve- to better ourselves- we must set goals and work hard to meet them. It takes practice, patience, failing, rejection, reflection and often a very long road must be traveling before we get to where we want to be. We most often can not travel the path to our goals alone; family, friends, co-workers, therapists, trainers, the coffee shop guy…. all relationships, big and small, can influence our efforts.

So where to start? Everyone has some way they could improve their well being. Use SMART language and ask these (often tough) questions to set yourself up for success when setting your goal(s).

S= Specific
What do I want to enhance or improve in my life; what is my goal?
M= Measurable
How will I know when I have reached this goal?
How will I know I am making progress towards my goal?
A= Achievable
Is it reasonable to believe I can meet this goal?
What are the barriers to meeting this goal?
R= Relevant
Why do I want to achieve this goal?
How will I use the outcome of this goal to better myself?
What will happen once I have met this goal?
T= Timely
Is there a time frame to when I need or want meet this goal?
Do smaller goals need to be set and met first before the larger goal may be achieved?

Other Tips to Reach the Goal:
~Think it though
~Write it out
~Talk about it
~Make a check list, a calendar, or affirmation cards
~Incorporate your resolution into your life so it becomes a part of your regular routine
~Seek outside help as necessary
~Work hard

If done right, the journey you take to achieve your goal will leave you with as much reward as the goal itself. When you achieve what you have worked so hard for, all is worth it.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”
-Norman Vincent Peale


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